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Handling of petroleum products requires the utmost diligence.

This is to avoid any potential injuries to employees and the public and to prevent discharges of material to the environment. UPT takes this responsibility very seriously and maintains policies and procedures that meet and exceed legislated standards.

Through certification programs and its own semi-annual training and quarterly meetings, UPT constantly keeps its employees aware of the potential hazards associated with petroleum product delivery and provides them with the requisite training to function effectively as first responders (should an incident occur).

If an incident does occur, UPT employees are trained to implement the following written procedures to deal with it: 

  • Safety Policy & Contingency Plan
  • Emergency Response Procedures
  • Policy for Reporting & Investigating Mixes (including spills)
  • Policy for Reporting Motor Vehicle Accidents

UPT also has all of its equipment registered with the Eastern Canada Response Corporation in order to ensure that any incident will be addressed in a timely manner as outlined by industry standards.

In addition, UPT operates within the following operating procedures to ensure safe, efficient and timely delivery of products to its customers: 

  • Fleet Maintenance Policies & Pre-Trip Inspections
  • Hours Of Service
  • Alcohol & Drug Policy

Over the past five years, UPT drivers have achieved an excellent safety record.


Our employees have achieved an excellent safety record that has resulted in high service levels and reliability for our customers and a good working environment for everyone. As a result, UPT enjoys a low premium rate with the WSIB which allows it to be cost-competitive in a very competitive market place. We work to maintain constant safety awareness with our employees through ongoing safety bulletins and meetings so that everyone is kept up-to-date on current industry practices.


UPT has been covered under the Federated Insurance Company of Canada since its inception in 2004. The policy currently includes Property Liability, Umbrella Liability, and Automobile Liability and we maintain $10,000,000 worth of coverage.


"It has been my pleasure working with the UPT team. As a professional in Risk Assessment, I can attest to how much has been asked of the company to ensure it operates as safely and as efficiently as possible. UPT has always gone over and above to ensure its employees and clients alike are protected. This speaks volumes to the kind of company UPT is."


Risk Services Coordinator at Federated Insurance Company of Canada


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