It has been my pleasure working with the UPT team. As a professional in Risk Assessment, I can attest to how much has been asked of the company to ensure it operates as safely and as efficiently as possible. UPT has always gone over and above to ensure its employees and clients alike are protected. This speaks volumes to the kind of company UPT is.
Andrew Pinkney
Federated Insurance Company of Canada
United Petroleum, with their pricing based delivery system, has not only improved my bottom line but also the market value of my business.
Satwant S. Merwar
Independent Gas Station Owner
We have found the delivery service to be excellent saving us money. The staff is very friendly and helpful and the drivers very professional.
Jack Shaw
Independent Gas Station Owner
About Us
United Petroleum Transport Ltd (UPT) was established in 2004 and specializes in the delivery of bulk petroleum products and intermediates. Its focus is on the safe efficient and timely delivery of those materials to all bulk product customers, including time-sensitive and short-notice accounts that require immediate response. This is accomplished with a fleet of twenty modern bulk light units with carrying capacities of fifty to sixty thousand litres and a well-trained and certified complement of forty professional drivers operating largely in Ontario. To achieve maximum flexibility, the UPT dispatch department is on-call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week in order to service customer needs. In all its operations, UPT exceeds all industry and customer standards for safety and regulatory compliance and continuously works to improve.
With its modern fleet, UPT is able to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of all short-notice and time-sensitive orders. To further maximum flexibility, the UPT dispatch department remains on-call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Listed below are customers who would take advantage of this:
Independently Owned Gas Stations
Facilities that sell fuel & lubricants for motor vehicles. The most common fuels currently being sold are gasoline (regular, mid-grade, & premium) and diesel (dyed & clear).
Specialty fuel stations that cater specifically to heavy duty pickups and commercial trucks. The most common fuels currently being sold are regular gasoline, diesel (dyed & clear) and lubricants.
Industrial Sites
Many of these sites belong to commercial companies that operate their own fleet of vehicles (i.e. Purolator, UPS, Transport Robert). Industrial sites are known to purchase large quantities of fuel directly from fuel refineries for on-site consumption. Units with pumping capability are also available to service above ground tanks and transfer product from in ground tanks.
Wholesale Sites
Fuel wholesalers resell gasoline & diesel products to consumers and/or other businesses according to supply and demand.
Maintaining inventory and preventing run out is a significant priority for all service station operators in order to provide excellent customer service. UPT also pays strict adherence to all major oil companies’ protocols and regulations regarding terminal safety, driver safety and training, and loading & off-loading policies and procedures. UPT's trained driving staff is certified to operate in all major terminals and goes regularly for training to be up to date and comply with industry requirements.
National Major Oil Companies
  • Imperial Oil
  • Shell
  • Suncor/Petro Canada
Scope Of Operations
UPT currently delivers petroleum products, intermediates and ethanol in Ontario and Quebec. Much of the volume is petroleum products and the balance is composed of intermediate hydrocarbon materials and ethanol. Finished product deliveries are made to gasoline service stations, cardlocks, bulk plants and terminals, while intermediates and ethanol are delivered to terminal from processing plants or terminal. Pump out capability is also maintained in order to assist customers with tank transfers and pump outs as necessary. UPT has the capability to haul liquid petroleum products, aviation fuels (certain UPT drivers are jet certified), ethanol and intermediates. In order to do so, it maintains the appropriate driver certifications for these materials as specified in the CPPI drivers’ manual. As well, UPT drivers are certified to lift at all major petroleum company terminals in Ontario and Montreal, as well as Vopak in Hamilton. Licensing and certifications for petroleum products and ethanol hauling in the USA is also maintained and kept current.
UPT maintains a fleet of twenty modern operating units consisting of Hutchinson trailers. The trailers have an average age of 10 years with half of them being less than 10 years if age. Power units are, on average, less than 3 years old and are typically replaced every two to three years.
In order to maintain flexibility to meet customers’ service requirements, the UPT dispatch department can be contacted daily either by phone (905-265-2344) or by email ( on a seven day per week, twenty-four hour per day basis. Should issues occur that require changes to scheduled deliveries, customers are requested to contact UPT as soon as possible so deliveries can be rescheduled appropriately in a timely manner. To ensure customer deliveries are made as scheduled, UPT maintains sufficient replacement units so that equipment or service issues will not affect their deliveries. UPT is also very flexible and will accommodate its customers’ needs with respect to time of load, delivery and size of load. In order to maintain a high level of service, UPT appreciates getting feedback from its customers by phone or email on a daily basis. Your feedback is important to UPT in order to improve its service to all of its customers. UPT is also willing to work with its customers in order to be as cost-effective as possible and meet customer requirements. Rates, delivery schedules and load sizes are negotiable in order to meet customer needs.
Management Information Systems
UPT maintains a highly automated electronic management system in order to service its customers quickly and efficiently. All statements and documents pertaining to fuel product deliveries and its suppliers are received and transferred electronically by electronic file transfers (EFTs). Site plans and tank strapping charts can also be received electronically so that no information is lost. In addition, all banking transactions are done electronically. The use of EFT allows UPT to be efficient and timely in order to meet customer needs.
Performance Monitoring
In order to maintain and improve performance, UPT follows up with all customers on a regular basis to gauge its performance and make sure everyone is looked after to the best of its abilities. To achieve this, operations including driver performance and product deliveries are carefully monitored and if issues do arise, they are corrected quickly and without prejudice. Performance monitoring data is reported monthly and is used as the basis for continuous improvement in order to improve delivery efficiency and reduce costs. All deficiencies reported by customers are dealt with immediately by thorough investigations, determinations of root cause and taking appropriate action.
Safety & The Environment
Handling of petroleum products requires the utmost diligence. This is to avoid any potential injuries to employees and the public and to prevent discharges of material to the environment. UPT takes this responsibility very seriously and maintains policies and procedures that meet and exceed legislated standards. Through certification programs and its own semi-annual training and quarterly meetings, UPT constantly keeps its employees aware of the potential hazards associated with petroleum product delivery and provides them with the requisite training to function effectively as first responders (should an incident occur). If an incident does occur, UPT employees are trained to implement the following written procedures to deal with it:

  • Safety Policy & Contingency Plan
  • Emergency Response Procedures
  • Policy for Reporting & Investigating Mixes (including spills)
  • Policy for Reporting Motor Vehicle Accidents

UPT also has all of its equipment registered with the Eastern Canada Response Corporation in order to ensure that any incident will be addressed in a timely manner as outlined by industry standards. In addition, UPT operates within the following operating procedures to ensure safe, efficient and timely delivery of products to its customers:

  • Fleet Maintenance Policies & Pre-Trip Inspections
  • Hours Of Service
  • Alcohol & Drug Policy

Over the past five years, UPT drivers have achieved an excellent safety record.
Our employees have achieved an excellent safety record that has resulted in high service levels and reliability for our customers and a good working environment for everyone. As a result, UPT enjoys a low premium rate with the WSIB which allows it to be cost-competitive in a very competitive market place. We work to maintain constant safety awareness with our employees through ongoing safety bulletins and meetings so that everyone is kept up-to-date on current industry practices.
UPT has been covered under the Federated Insurance Company of Canada since its inception in 2004. The policy currently includes Property Liability, Umbrella Liability, and Automobile Liability and we maintain $10,000,000 worth of coverage.
Insurance Company Testimonial
"It has been my pleasure working with the UPT team. As a professional in Risk Assessment, I can attest to how much has been asked of the company to ensure it operates as safely and as efficiently as possible. UPT has always gone over and above to ensure its employees and clients alike are protected. This speaks volumes to the kind of company UPT is."

Andrew Pinkney
Risk Services Coordinator at Federated Insurance Company of Canada
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